Boxabl: Housing Meets Mass Production

greenbox Robotics - Self Dispensing CBD Kiosks | Bringing CBD into the digital age.

One Golden Nugget: Sharing Wisdom

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STARK Industries - The Launch of the NASA JPL VITAL Ventilator

The Nodle M1 - Award Winning Privacy-First, Smart Interactions Wearable For Enterprise

Hard Mode: A gamers focused talk show set in a virtual world.

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Industries Segments and Company Intros:

Crypto & Blockchain

What started as building a simple e-commerce site in the mid 90's lead to the continuation and development of powerful software solutions, industry standards in antenna and mesh networking technologies, streaming, security, and now a heavy role in key block-chain backed by real assets.  We anticipate this coin to be the mechanism in gaming, media, music, TV & film financing.

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Incredibly Consistent Tastes, People, and Experiences are some of the key particulars in a successful brand of restaurants.  We focus in "catering" to these opportunities, and strategically finding ways to grow the footprint inside our own ecosystem.  Whether its fine dining, or a quick casual bite, we want you to feel like a million bucks, and the food and beverage to taste like two million bucks.  Come in today, and you'll want to come back tomorrow.

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Knowledge is power, but how that knowledge is released into the world and obtained by the student or how the individual experiences it, is POWERFUL.  With our Augmented Reality learning experience that is servicing over a million students around the world, we are changing the way in which content is not only created, but how it is taught.  Increase in retention, and attention, that is backed by an increase in grades.  AUGTHAT is now entering a new phase and market into the media and entertainment space.  Retention is not only key to education, it's also crucial to branding.  Powerful tools = powerful future.  Now that's the reality we want to live in.

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Social Media & Data

Yamba dabba do!.  Replication can be a beautiful thing.  We see it time and time again with apps and technologies with just a different logo and look, however the core is the same as its predecessor.  Yamba is the first disruptive social media, engagement, and data driven platforms to hit the market.  The massive growth around the globe from premier and professional sports, to massive media and music companies is like nothing we have ever seen.  Now how are you supposed to have a massive media company and not have state of the art social media and fan engagement platform behind it to support all that content and global demand.

Yamba, your information universe, organized and personalized.

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What good is creating all these incredible services, products, media, content, and companies if we are not going to be around to enjoy.  Every company should have a dedicated budget allocated to local and global environmental issues.  If we all did our part to focus on the simplest of things, we would make a huge impact.  A little bit goes a long way, and we will continue to dedicate efforts and resources to as many environmental initiatives as possible.  Solutions for a healthier, sustainable future alltemp®.  Established in Oregon, and later incorporated in Nevada. Fundamentally alltemp®, has been grown as an R&D company until the various products and applications could be tested and verified and eventually introduced into the global market.

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Being able to connect, communicate, engage, and alert is crucial to our existence.  We have become overly dependent on our smart devices, which makes our live a little easier, but also puts as at harm when those networks go down.  We have not come very far in how devices connect and communicate to a network, until now.  The typical Hub & Spoke model for how we connect to a network, wifi station, and/or cell tower has been sustainable, but its riddled with consistent bandwidth issues, and when there is an event or over saturation on that pipe, that's when you become to have serious network issues.  That is why it is crucial to enhance those networks with a peer-to-peer network on the ground, allowing traditional networks to be freed up on bandwidth and create a well organized and efficient flow of data and packets.

Since launching Nodle has become one of the fastest growing networks ever creating and currently connecting over 2.5m devices a day resulting in connecting over 35m unique IoT devices every 24 hour.  We are currently operating in over 60 countries.  Working with and partnering with Fortune 100 companies is assisting in the substantial growth and fuel behind Nodle. is low cost and low energy connectivity service for the internet of things, and it's hereand it's powerful.  Nodle Deck Available

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Music & Entertainment Music is is changing the entire way music, media, content, and entertainment are to be experienced. This powerhouse team is made up of seasoned "rock stars"​ with over 20 years of experience and relationships in the music industry. Music will be dropping collaborations with some of the top global artists and combining their current stardom with never before released music masters from some of the greatest.

Whether it is your favorite song or artist, brand new releases, or music never heard from before by legends, now will be combined with creative formulation of edibles for that specific piece of content which will result in a new and exciting way to capture and distribute content within our own platform and out to other leading music and entertainment platforms around the globe. As the world shifts into an entirely new way of experiencing content and togetherness, we believe we are in the right place at the right time.  As the ecosystem of EIE continues to evolve the reach, strategic partners, and add value continues to grow with it.  Music and content has always been a the core of what we intended on building and of course having access or owning the pipe that content flows through.  We intend to combine MJ Music and the products and services flowing through it, into all other aspects of EIE.  Nothing happens overnight, and as we stay at it and perfect it will ultimately enhance everyone we reach and work with.  Now as we like to say at, "Let The Experience Begin!"​

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Wearable Technology

ROAME - The very first motorcycle shoe with wireless turn signals and brake lights.

Reinforced with state of the art materials. Welcome to the last motorcycle shoe you will ever want to ride in.

PATENTED TECHNOLOGY: The ROAME Zeros mirror the existing brake lights and turn signals of your motorcycle for greater visibility on the road.

IMPACT PROTECTION: D3O offers superior impact protection. It is trusted in many sports and military applications, and we integrated it into the ROAME Zeros. D3O IMPACT PROTECTION TEST can be found at:

Interesting fun fact, there about 200 million motorcycles including mopeds, motor scooters, motorized bicycles, and other powered two and three-wheelers, are in use worldwide. Which equals to roughly 33 motorcycles per 1000 people, and we are honored to help keep these riders safe, one pair of #ROAMEZeros.   There are currently over 100,000 motorcycle related accidents per year in the USA alone, and we hope to assist in dramatically reducing this number.  As ROAME continues to evolve, we will be a real life TRON protecting riders around the globe in our illuminated protective gear.

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Future of Retailing

greenbox Robitics:

From the moment we step out the door, our daily lives are simplified by the wonders of modern day automation. Whether it's pre-ordering your Starbucks on your phone, printing your plane ticket at an airport kiosk, or simply ordering your groceries online, automation is the grease that keeps this high-paced world spinning. So why should buying your cannabis be any different? greenbox Robotics has harnessed the most sophisticated automation technology to make your buying and selling experience fast, easy, and way ahead of its time.

greenbox Robotics LLC was founded in June of 2017 by entrepreneur Zack Johnson. From the beginning, the goal was to create the world’s first intelligent cannabis kiosk, offering the customer a faster and more efficient transaction of cannabis products. greenbox focuses on five core verticals: cannabis flower, edibles, extracts, CBD products and cannabis accessories. greenbox will provide dispensary owners with a robust array of benefits including inventory management, customer data aggregation and decreased overhead costs, while also generating a more streamlined experience for the customer. A fully automated, self-contained storefront with an adept and flexible infrastructure, retail marketing strategy, and footprint designed for rapid distribution at-scale.

Data is crucial to emerging industries and brands, which is why greenbox Robotics is here to provide an exceptional access point to create, collect, and properly understand and utilize that data for the ultimate customer experience.

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Casino Floor & Gaming

HWH - Hardway Holdings (Makers of O-Craps!):

Hardway Holdings is the exclusive distributor for a wide range of platforms that links bingo ball lottery style play with interactive versions of Craps and other traditional casino games Our Bingo Games: O-Craps! O-Craps! links the exciting game of "Vegas" style Craps with bingo ball lottery style play. The result is an exciting version of the classic game of craps tailor made for IGRA and NIGC Class II Bingo markets.

EIE is all about creating, working with, partnering, or enhancing the experience, no matter what the venue, product, or services.  As it relates to the gaming industry we are seeing tremendous technology developments that are starting to become approved and rolled out through casino floors around the world.  Hardway Holdings intends on being a tremendous part of what the future casino looks like.

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Streaming OTT & VOD

The Movie Studio - MVES

The Commercial Video on Demand (VOD) platform compares with business-to-business (B2B) Netflix, Hulu, Comcast or Amazon Prime for movie theaters. The Company intends to leverage its 2.99 cents a month Over The Top (OTT) subscription-based web platform where “Everyone’s a Star” and can register to be featured in an upcoming Movie Studio. motion picture as a core value proposition. The Commercial VOD (Video on Demand) technology now owned by The Movie Studio is a far more efficient means of distribution, with the goal of increasing overall revenues for all parties in the motion picture production and distribution channels. It breaks away from the physical copy’s distribution format, DVDs or hard drive files, and eliminates piracy, revenue loss from copying and video manipulation. It will eliminate the theft of content and increases revenues for producers and the related companies and could create future revenue generation for MVES.

The Company is in pre-production on its next film “Cause & Effect,” a Miami street movie about the seedy under belly of South Florida night life, and has also begun pre-production on “PEGASUS” a family movie about a young girl and a horse and is planned to be “signature film.” The Movie Studio, Inc. sets it self apart from other studios by being the only major independent studio located in South Florida and by managing its own in-house marketing & distribution department.

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Mass Production Affordable Housing


BOXABL is a patented system that delivers factory built rooms which combine onsite to produce most residential and many light commercial construction solutions, with floor plans and architectural styles determined by the customer, at a price that demolishes the competition.

  1. Paid customer deposits for 1,500+ houses, potential of $75,000,000 in revenue, growing everyday.
  2. A goal of 80% faster, 50% cheaper and 100% better buildings.
  3. $36,000,000 in purchase orders, $106,000,000 in letters of intent, inquiries from all over the world
  4. Tech protected by 14+ patent filings
  5. Massive Interest 10,000+ no deposit Casita reservations, totaling $500,000,000+ in potential orders
  6. Huge social impact, potential to improve the quality of life for millions of people.
  7. Guided by Porsche Consulting Inc. for the design and implementation of Boxabl’s new factory
  8. Trillion dollar total building construction market. Rapidly growing Accessory Dwelling Unit market.
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The most exclusive and sought after spirits brand to hit the liquor industry, Happy Buddha Spirits.  HBS is poised to be the only premium liquor brand with a spirit in every major category.  (Vodka, Rum, Tequila, Bourbon, Whiskey, Gin, & Wines).  Global distribution will be very limited and only to the most elite places around the world.  HBS "blessed by a higher spirit"

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It is true that money can buy anything, but no matter what it cannot buy health.  Or maybe it can...  One of the major initiatives we are behind is creating a global network where we can bring the finest nutrients for proactive & corrective patients around the globe.  This combined with best in class technologies and patient monitoring will create the new model on preventative health care, and the longevity of life.  Bottoms up!

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Consumer Products

Launching a product or service into the market is never easy, but we make it a lot easier.  From concept creation, design, manufacturing, marketing, logistics, distribution, and retail we have you covered.  We love working with ground breaking companies that have an idea or concept that is poised to be disruptive.  Of which our newest claim to fame is CT3 Sports Fuel.  "Working with EIE, is like having 100 employees all in one roof." - Ct3

Our favorite beauty brand Fullips has recently requested the services of EIE on developing strategic partnerships and private label opportunities with our key celebrity clients and large global brands.

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Sea Exploration

We got our feet wet, no pun intended, into the maritime and underwater sea exploration industry back in 2003 when Odyssey Marine salvaged the U.S. Civil War era shipwreck of the SS Republic.  Since then we have been Captain "Hooked".  We have cultivated an incredibly skilled team, and have partnered with the best of the best.  We have a pipeline of over 50 shipwrecks, the equipment, technology, and knowhow to bring up these "treasures".  Combining that with our media component, we will be capturing all that content & experiences, and piping into our own network, major tv, and subscription based networks.

Who doesn't want to go treasure hunting!?

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Hemp & Medicinal Cannibis

We have been involved in the Medical Cannabis and Hemp space since 2013.  Due to our vast relationships with car, beauty, industrial and construction industries we have a direct use and output for items such as hempcrete, extraction of oils for medicinal and beauty consumer products, sports energy drinks, ect.  What we soon realized and learned was that there was no way could become profitable or successful in this space if we did not control everything from seed, to grow, to harvest, to extraction, and even down to security, staffing, and transportation.  We could not operate in the "market conditions" as they are, and may always be too volitle.  We needed to operate in our own controlled market and world.

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BioFuels and Food Supply

It is not often where you get invited to be part of something that could potentially service over 10% of all the worlds seafood needs within a lifetime.  It's not only ideas like this that change the world, it's a team, technologies, and solutions that actually execute it and make it happen.  That's what we are doing at Primary Ocean Producers.  We develop offshore macroalgae (seaweed) cultivation systems and provides market consultation services as part of an Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture (IMTA) solution to saving our oceans, soils, and atmosphere.  It is with great pleasure and honor to introduce Offshore Aquaculture.   Farming in harsh offshore environments world wide. This technology makes it possible to farm finfish in international waters. This patented technology can be integrated with multi-trophic aquaculture, i.e. infrastructure for macroalgea and bivalves to enable a fully circular sustainable system.

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The Power Of Sound

SonoCoin - The First Audible CryptoCurrency.  SonoCoin has developed a unique digitally encrypted audio file that operates on its native blockchain network, using a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) protocol to verify transactions.  It combines the uniqueness of audio-based data transfer with the advantages of a blockchain network to offer seamless transactions.  The SonoCoin methods of transaction are designed to be easy-to-use and device-agnostic, representing a highly salable and flexible alternative to traditional cryptocurencies.

SonoCoin White Paper:

You can review the SonoCoin current Deck at:

The use cases and opportunities are endless with the SonoCoin technology based around Audio.  Combining this with mesh networking technologies such as Nodle allow for some of the most powerful solutions for best in breed connectivity, security, and transmitting data.

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Production Studios

PURE MEDIA STUDIO was created to produce and distribute both feature length documentaries as well as independent feature films. Each movie will have a separate LLC to define each budget that will include a revenue statement so that will be a specific accounting provided for each respective investor.

All PURE MEDIA STUDIO accounting services is provided by MSI one of the leading business management firms for the entertainment industry. All production and operations are handled by PURE MEDIA STUDIO internally.

Creative is also handled internally by PURE, but we reserve the right to engage additional agencies for specific talent. The company owns the rights to all intellectual property and media, including the music, merchandising, licensing and any additional revenue streams.  PURE Media's micro-budget film strategy is revolutionizing the industry.

Upcoming Releases - Trailers:

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People Investing In People

TurnCoin & TheXchange is a people-driven platform that empowers individuals to achieve their dreams, while giving their family, friends and fans a vehicle to support them and share in their journey, and success.

Our strength lies in our united and whole-hearted belief that TheXchange will be a phenomenal success, as it will empower people worldwide to pursue their aspirations and achieve their dreams.

In challenging times people need hope. People need the opportunity to pursue their heart’s desire. If they have talent, passion and the will to fight for their dreams, TheXchange will give them that opportunity!

We believe in people! We all dream. No matter how insignificant a person might seem to the world, we were all created with purpose and with passion. The heart of TheXchange is centered around people.

Designed to help people achieve their dreams by giving them the opportunity to showcase their talents on a global stage while making it possible for their friends, family and supporters to share in their success and partake in their journey. PEOPLE for PEOPLE!

Think of TheXchangeTM, as a “stock exchange”, but instead of listing a company, you list a person.  Which is why we are sourced the planet for the best in breed talent, executives, and partners to help bring TheXchange to life.  This will go down in history as one of the most important technologies and platforms to have ever been developed.


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Renewable Energy & Building Materials

EnergyGlass products and solutions provide to any building, optically clear glass in the windows, bomb blast resistance and thermal performance.

ENERGYGLASS™ is the only Optically Clear Building Integrated Photovoltaic Window System in the World.

ENERGYGLASS™ is a patented Optically Clear Vertical Building Photovoltaic Window System that produces continuous Energy from Sunlight, Diffused, Ambient Light and Ground Reflectance and the only 100% FIELD of VISION in the world. The entire surface of the windows is clear – No grids, dots or lines! This proprietary Inorganic Nano Technology and Solar Collector does not degrade from IR like typical solar cells, do.

ENERGYGLASS™ produces 1-2 watts per sq. ft. per hour for 10-12 hours during the day and 3-4 watts at peak dependent on location, size, orientation, thickness and formula. Energy generated can be inverted back to the grid, battery back up or direct to DC equipment! This means a Feed-In-Tariff opportunity could be available, thus generating revenue from your windows and/or reducing your building’s energy consumption.

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Esports - HardMode

About HardMode™ - It is all about discovering the secret lives of the game characters.  Through our unique teleportation system we can transmit any game character to our tech command center or “The TCC”, where our host former playboy playmate Pamela Horton interviews and asks personal questions, where game characters get personal.  Fans will also have the chance to Tweet or Skype in their questions.

Pamela will also interview the voices behind the characters, and the game company that brought them to life.  In a one-on=one conversation the voice talent gets a chance to speak with their own game character.

Each show will have gaming news of the week, with interview with the creators and developers of the new game.  In the segment Heroes vs Villains Game character get a chance for face to face conversations and discuss their issues with each other.

There will be a live Skype video chat with fans in real time, where they play a game of 28 questions and if the fan can answer 10 answers they get a price and if they answer 15 questions they get a copy of the game signed by everyone, and if they answer all the questions they get a miniature 3D model signed by everyone.

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Our efforts and involvement in hospitality are partnership and developments of global flags, with heavy interest in enhancing guest experiences through media and technologies.  Under our portfolio also resides exciting new eateries that have unique themes, exceptional service and taste, and that can be easily rolled out and partnered with our hotel and resort partners.

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Retail & Branding

Design, manufacturing, distribution, and retail are crucial areas to ensure we are capitalizing on our music, tv, film, and media efforts.  By increasing the pie for our talent and teams we ensure maximum profitability and margins.  Our P.A.D.S. concept allows us to immediately direct the on demand interest of content to a transaction of some sort of physical or digital commerce.  At the end of the day, you always need to create a good quality product or service.

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Charity in Music

“Feed Your Mind Music seeks to develop stronger communities through constructive use of leisure time with music making and music learning in our city’s youth.”  Working with founder Matt Jameson and his incredible team has proved we can make a difference, and open these facilities in communities around the world.  Through our media division, we not only have the ability to bring awareness to Feed Your Mind Music, but also put in place real revenue generating opportunities for the music, content, and creations these incredibly talented kids.  Creating a safe environment for children to learn and thrive in is just the beginning.

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International Projects

Over the many years we have built some incredible relationships in governments and political leaders, retail and institutional banking, developers, architects, engineers, and an extremely skilled workforce.  These relationships occurred organically and catered to our own needs and goals.  After decades of nourishing these relationships, we have realized what a powerful network to assist others.  This has lead to a pipeline of substantial projects that are legendary and historic.  It's remarkable just to be in the room, but to actually be able to be a crucial piece in putting the project in motion, that's the moments we live for.  With over 50 global projects currently in our pipeline, we are confident in legacy workflow for all stakeholders to enjoy healthy sustainable returns.

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Network Partner

The universe is a wonderful thing and you can meet some of the most incredible people and companies in some unexpected places.  That is how EIE and TREDIC Corporation became to be.  You never know who you may be sitting next to, or chatting with on a potential opportunity.  From there grew a beautiful friendship and the beginning of a long term business relationship together.  TREDIC is one of the most influential global corporations we have ever worked with.  The professionalism, network, and credibility they operate in are exactly who we like to do business and present ourselves.  We expect to do some amazing projects together and continue to be wonderful friends and partners.  Be expecting continuous news on what we are accomplishing together.

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Life Saving & Location Based Technologies

The world and your life can change in the split of a second.  Did you know that in the U.K. a child goes missing every 3 minutes.  In the U.S.A. over 450,000 children are reported missing each year.  The numbers are staggering and only continue to increase, that was until Child Angel.  Four years of research and development later, Child Angel pushes the boundaries of technology to create a revolutionary product that makes a genuine difference.  Child Angel is one of the smallest and most advanced child tracking devices available in the world today.  The product of extensive research and development, Child Angel provides safe and stable location monitoring by combining GPS, GSM, BLE and Wi-Fi hot-spot triangulation technologies.


Child Angel is the first wearable tech with Intel Technology.


Our App. enables you to view your child’s movements through your smartphone by downloading the free Child Angel App software.

Child Angel's core product, technologies and services have domino'd over into other industries and segments where the need to monitor, locate, and track are vital.  Such exciting projects now include Pet Angel, Hotel Angel and Elder Angel.  Be on the lookout as our technologies and services begin to roll out globally.

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Global Media, Music, & Development Co.

Let us tell you about NEMA and how we plan to change entertainment, the music industry, and provide a safe and equitable partnership with creatives of all types. ​ For far too long, most creatives have lived in the shadows of the large players like Hollywood - distribution controlled by music labels, and production/marketing firms - and have had to eek out a living because there was no one to help them navigate the rough waters of the entertainment industry.

We plan to be that partner, to help make the journey a little less painful, and to increase your chances of success, as fellow creatives. ​ In everything we do, the fundamental goal of NEMA is to protect and guide talented creatives so that everyone in the chain gets paid. There is plenty to go around, so the days of the large conglomerate that takes the lion's share of profits are numbered. ​ Our goal is to disrupt the decades-old entertainment/music industries and put a new model and infrastructure in place.  The grand vision of NEMA is not for the weak of heart or for the ones that do not have what it takes to do great things, which means overcoming every obstacle thrown our way.  Having an exceptional team, resources, and the best professionals supporting NEMA is going to be what makes us succeed.

Announcements will be made shortly about New Era Media Arts (NEMA) and our Future Park Smart City Development Project.  Keep up the great work team NEMA

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Space and Biotechnology

SpaceBorn United is the first bio-tech and mission development company that will safe-guard human ‘Seeds-of-Life’ in space by 2021, make conception in space feasible by 2023 and enable real human birth in space by 2028. Why is SpaceBorn United embarking on this journey? Humanity has entered an era of space tourism, deep space exploration and near future human settlements on the Moon & Mars. Not only to fulfill the human desire to explore new habitats, but especially to address increasing threats. Life on Earth can become very challenging in just several decades, because of increasing threats like global warming, overpopulation, artificial intelligence and nuclear threats. Extinction rates of animals and plants are already skyrocketing and keep accelerating. It is uncertain if these problems can be solved in time. Therefore missions are planned to colonize the Moon & Mars as backup plans by NASA, ESA, SpaceX Blue Origin and others. SpaceBorn United makes these colonization efforts sustainable, by researching and enabling the conditions for human reproduction in space. The vast majority of climate scientists from 184 countries agrees though, that we only have several decades to realize the ambitious backup plans.

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Fine Dining & Experiences

Working his way on a transatlantic cruise liner, Sirio Maccioni dazzled New York with his charm and acumen for hospitality. Working at the famed Colony Club as a maitre d’hotel in the late 1960s, Sirio developed his first taste for the New York restaurant business. Then in 1974, Sirio opened what was destined to become a New York landmark – Le Cirque, which literally translates as “the circus” in French, at the Mayfair Hotel. In 1997, Le Cirque outgrew its original location and relocated to a larger space in the New York Palace Hotel under the name Le Cirque 2000. By 2004, Le Cirque was an established New York City landmark and decided to move to the prestigious Bloomberg Building on East 58th Street and finally opened its doors in May of 2006.

Where food, art and fashion converge For over 40 years, Le Cirque has offered an unparalleled dining experience earning its place on New York’s gastronomical landscape. Famed restaurateur Sirio Maccioni and family welcome you to Le Cirque’s latest location on East 58th Street in the trendy Bloomberg building. Here guests can enjoy a modern, circus themed dining room.

While restaurant has as many stars to their credibility as celebrity clientele, Le Cirque and Sirio Maccioni have helped launch the careers of many illustrious chefs – Daniel Boulud, David Bouley, Terrance Brennan, Alain Sailhac, Rick Moonen, Jacques Torres, Sottha Khun, Sylvain Portay, Christophe Bellanca, Michael Lomonaco, Alain Allegretti, Pierre Schaedelin, Bill Telepan, Alex Stratta and Geoffrey Zakarian to name a few.

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Realestate Acquisition Fund

IGF Partners invests in Triple Net Leased (NNN) commercial real estate which provides strong intrinsic value, dependable monthly income and limited risk to our investors. Properties leased to tenants such as Verizon, Safeway, AutoZone, CVS and other creditworthy companies provide low risk, no landlord responsibilities, and wealth preservation while also providing annual returns of over 6%, paid monthly, to our investors.

Approximately 2/3 of that income is tax deferred. The selection of our properties is completed by creating diversity and balance as needed for a portfolio of this quality. Balance requires conforming to a strict set of guidelines, which include the selection of each individual location, based in a city that projects growth, not only in population, but growth for the environment in which the asset is located.

We do not pursue the highest capitalization rates at the expense of lesser credit, lease terms or location. This disciplined process of due diligence will be executed by the principals of our firm and not be delegated to uninterested third party consultants. As a unique asset class that moves differently from stocks and bonds, real estate alternative investments make a logical addition to a portfolio. As the equity markets trade near all-time highs and treasury yields, savings accounts and other fixed rate bonds are near all-time lows, investors are looking to alternative investments that provide a greater monthly income. Why earn less than 1% interest on your capital when you can earn over 6% in our investment program.?

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Medical Devices and Technology

STARK Industries drives technological innovation by bringing individuals, companies, universities, government agencies, ideas, talent and products together, from around the world, to innovate and develop new and improved medical devices and systems, improving the quality of people’s lives around the globe.

The vision of STARK Industries is a simple one: To connect innovators with the people who can use their devices to the fullest benefit. By working to develop our own products, we’ve created a network of investors, producers and consumers who are hungry for the next big idea. The only thing missing is the innovator with a new, novel approach to solving one of the world’s problems.


  • Healthcare and Advanced Diagnostics
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Research Science Applications
  • Emergency and Disaster Relief

By helping inventors and innovators find the right resources for product development, and the right audience for product sales, we can create lasting partnerships that help you push technology forward.

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Since 1999

Esposito Intellectual Enterprises, LLC

At EIE, we Rock, hence in industries relating to retail, beauty, fashion, liquor, health & wellness, hospitality, restaurant, technology, education, media, music, TV & Film, oil & gas, mining, crypto & block-chain, aviation, space, and maritime.  The ecosystem of EIE allows all entities to enhance each others businesses just by combining A+B and sometimes a little bit of C.  We also have extensive experience and interest in the cbd & hemp industries.

A common thread between all these industries are the incredible people and partners we work with, and Media.  The media component of EIE is the thread that ties everything together.  If Content is King, then we are creating one incredible empire, along with our own holdings that include constant connectivity through a parallel internet that is non-reliant of any wifi or cellular connection.


They always oil a squeaky wheel first...

My father always taught and told me, you'll never know unless you ask.  And if you ask, what's the worst that could happen... they say no.  Give it a shot, lets see what happens.