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Celebrating a Legacy of Wit & Wisdom

Espo-isms: The Brian J. Esposito Collection

Espo-isms: A Journey Through Wit & Wisdom

Welcome to the home of Espo-isms, where the enduring wit and wisdom of Brian J. Esposito come to life. As a collection of insightful and humorous sayings, Espo-isms offer a unique glimpse into the mind of one of the most captivating figures in his field. Each quip and quote captures the essence of Brian’s perspective, blending humor with profundity and inviting visitors to explore the depth of his intellect and charm. Join us on this journey through the memorable sayings of Brian J. Esposito, and let each Espo-ism inspire, amuse, and enlighten you.

“Your health is truly your wealth.”

“When we feel better, we do better.”

“Do not be afraid to ask for help, it is not a sign of weakness.”

“It is up to the masses to stop thinking and relying on others or governments, scale back, stop mentally connecting the idea of success and happiness with wealth and materialist things.”

“Be happy with a little, and find unique ways to earn, save, and be smart on your spending.”

“Each and every one of us is truly special, we can be happy, we can feel valued and self-worth but it starts within.”

“Surround yourself with good positive people that really want what’s best for you, eliminate toxicity from your life.”

“Everyone can be an overnight success if you were to wake up each new day a little smarter, a little wiser, and a little stronger than the day before.”

“Experience and hardships have their place in shaping perspective and drive.”

“Inadequacy has supplanted peace, and in my mind, we need a reboot back to a version of success that isn’t calculated by your bank account balance.”

“For every thousand people I encounter, I figure only one aligns with my ideals and life philosophies.”

“The power that comes with finding a kindred spirit is invigorating, but all too rare.”

“Time Is Our Most Precious Commodity.”

“Productivity runs concurrent with inner happiness and peace.”

“Hold your head high, be consistent, kind, and darkness will always reveal light.”

“I’ve built my career upon the belief that anything is possible, and while I may be a dreamer in that way, I’m also a realist.”

“Avoid the impulse to compare your process to others’ and lean into that full feeling of accomplishment.”

“You can’t let somebody doing you wrong, block you from somebody else doing you right.”

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