About Centro Fox

Centro Fox has a responsibility and a fundamental commitment to the human being, as a recipient of cultural goods and as a beginning and end of social life, economics and politics, which will always be to serve the human being and not the human being to serve these activities. Therefore, economics and politics must be in accordance with the general will and the interests of society, based on ethical principles, such as: the common good, respect, solidarity, social justice and an efficient use of resources and assets of society.

The scientific and technological advances that are shaped as axes of economic and social progress have as prerequisites information, knowledge, education, research, and culture; foundations that give rise to the main activities of the Centro Fox for the formation of leaders.

The challenge that humanity has before it is to adopt new ways of thinking, acting and organizing in society, in short, new ways of living.

It is with great admiration, respect, and honor to have built such a beautiful friendship and relationship with Centro Fox, their team, and Mr. and Mrs. President Fox.

We have always suggested opportunities, technologies, methods, and strategic partnership to support the growth and vision of Centro Fox.  We are so pleased with what is occurring with Centro Fox & CannaMexico, and are fully behind ensuring the success of this program, enhancement of wealth and education to these farmers and communities backed by an explosion of job creation, and a major impact to Mexico's exports on hemp based products.