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Bridging Industries Through Strategic Business Integrations

Our Portfolio

Synergistic Growth

Bridging Industries and Building Value Together

At Esposito Intellectual Enterprises, LLC., we pride ourselves on our industry-agnostic approach, recognizing that innovation and opportunity know no bounds. Our diverse portfolio spans a wide range of sectors, encompassing companies at various stages of their growth journey. Central to our ethos is the belief in shared prosperity: by pooling resources, knowledge, and expertise, we amplify the potential of each individual entity. This collaborative model not only fosters synergistic growth but also crafts a tapestry of interconnected opportunities, creating holistic value across our entire portfolio.

Our Holdings/Partnerships:

Esposito Intellectual Enterprises is proud to be working with:

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Diamond Lake Minerals, Inc.

Conglomerate Specializing in Digital Securities and Diverse Sectors

Diamond Lake Minerals Inc. (DLMI) is not your typical conglomerate; it’s a modern, multi-industry powerhouse with a unique focus on digital securities. Operating in a myriad of sectors such as technology, healthcare, environmental sustainability, and entertainment, DLMI aims to redefine the conglomerate model for the 21st century. At its core, the company’s mission is to create a vertically integrated ecosystem where all holdings support and feed each other, resulting in high earnings, high profitability, and shared profits with shareholders.

DLMI’s strategic focus on digital securities serves as the glue that binds its diverse sectors. The global digital securities market is expected to grow exponentially, from $10 billion in 2022 to a staggering $1 trillion by 2028. This presents a golden opportunity for DLMI to leverage its expertise in blockchain technology and digital securities to create a secure, transparent, and efficient financial infrastructure that can be integrated across its various business segments.

The company’s competitive edge lies in its commitment to vertical integration, allowing it to control every facet of the value chain in its digital securities operations. This translates to operational efficiencies and cost reductions. Moreover, DLMI boasts a robust team of seasoned professionals with a deep understanding of the digital securities market, adding credibility and capability to its operations.

In summary, DLMI is exceptionally poised for success in the rapidly growing digital securities market and beyond. Its well-defined mission, focus on vertical integration, and culture of innovation provide it with a distinct competitive edge in a market ripe for disruption.

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Bootleggers Craft Cocktails

Beverage/Alcoholic Drinks

Bootleggers Craft Cocktails is the world’s first real craft cocktail in a can, offering a non-carbonated, vegan, and gluten-free option. Using 100% real premium ingredients without preservatives, these cocktails are shelf-stable for a minimum of one year without the need for refrigeration.

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4M Carbon Fiber

Advanced Materials/Manufacturing Technology

4M Carbon Fiber innovatively produces low-cost, high-volume carbon fiber through a proprietary plasma system, aiming to revolutionize its adoption across multiple sectors like infrastructure and energy.

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Intec Bioplastics Inc.

Bioplastics/Sustainable Materials Manufacturing

INTEC BIOPLASTICS specializes in developing and producing eco-friendly bioplastic resins from sustainable sources. Their patented material, EarthPlus™, offers a green alternative to traditional plastics, with vast application potential.

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Hangover Relief Solutions

Adultalye is a brand offering scientifically formulated hangover relief solutions with Dihydromyricetin to counteract alcohol’s effects and promote faster recovery for consumers.

starchive Portfolio


Digital Asset Management

A platform offering tailored digital storage and organization solutions for creative professionals, with a focus on user-friendly asset management.

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Digital Media and Entertainment Agency

TeamChecked is a tech-driven agency that specializes in forging partnerships for creators and artists, overseeing merchandise ecosystems, orchestrating events, and supporting music careers, boasting a network of over a billion followers.

yourhomedigital Portfolio

Your Home Digital, LLC

Media & Advertising

A media agency offering a free streaming platform with a variety of programs and specialized in OTT-streamed advertising and IP marketing strategies.

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Silicountry valley


Silicountry Valley is a movement aiming to transform Nashville into the “Silicon Valley of the South,” merging the city’s rich musical heritage with modern technology and AI innovations in the tech industry.

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Retail / Confectionery

Enjovo, with its globally patented dispensers, aspires to transform the confectionery landscape by providing a hygienic and innovative solution for consumers worldwide.

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Corleone Fine Italian Foods

Fine Foods & Culinary Experiences

Corlone Fine Italian Foods delivers an authentic Italian culinary experience, bolstered by Gianni Russo’s legacy and a unique integration of traditional recipes, exclusive music, and direct ties to the Marlon Brando Estate.

lode Portfolio


Financial Services & Blockchain

A company offering digital financial solutions backed by precious metals like silver and gold, utilizing stablecoin technology.

fashionicons Portfolio

Fashion Icons

Fashion & Technology

A company at the intersection of fashion and technology, promoting a more inclusive luxury culture while also safeguarding patented and trademarked inventions.

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Micore Solutions

Holdings and Investment Management

Micore Solutions Group co-owns and represents diverse projects and intellectual property worldwide, offering infrastructure and strategic growth support for investable and licensable opportunities.

italeau Portfolio


Luxury Footwear

Italeau crafts luxurious, water-friendly footwear in Italy, combining traditional artisan methods with ethical practices, while also providing clean water access to people in developing countries.

freewater Portfolio


Beverage and Philanthropy

FreeWater Inc. revolutionizes advertising by using premium spring water bottles as QR-code integrated media, with a portion of each sale dedicated to solving the global water crisis.

oldnorthstateleague Portfolio

Old North State League


Old North State League is North Carolina’s largest Summer Collegiate Baseball League, committed to player development and community engagement across 14 teams statewide.

aaa Portfolio

The Players League


The Players League, based in St. Petersburg, Florida, is revolutionizing American baseball by fostering unity among leagues, prioritizing player health and development, and scaling teams as large sports entertainment businesses through strategic partnerships.

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MindKix Labs

Blockchain & Creative Services

A collective of award-winning professionals offering end-to-end solutions in Blockchain, Metaverse, Gaming, Cinematics, and NFTs, aimed at helping both newbies and veterans understand and capitalize on Web 3.0 technologies.

mg Portfolio

MG Collectibles and Toys

Collectibles & Entertainment

A company originally focused on resale, MG Collectibles and Toys has expanded its business by striking a deal with Warner Brothers in 2021 to create and distribute their own licensed collectibles featuring iconic characters like those from Looney Tunes and Scooby Doo.

quad Portfolio

QUAD Entertainment

Film & Media

Led by experienced Hollywood professionals, the company specializes in producing low-budget but high-quality commercial films featuring today’s biggest social media influencers in genres like Horror, Comedy, and Romance, aiming for high box office returns.

wedo Portfolio


Online Business Services

A platform designed to empower entrepreneurs, coaches, teachers, and personal trainers by providing an all-in-one app that includes features like chat, video, payments, banking, and invoicing, aiming to make business operations seamless and efficient.

smart Portfolio

SmartPitch LLC

Sports Technology

Provides a smartphone app that functions as a pro-level precision speed gun, offering an affordable alternative to expensive radar guns.

xrpay Portfolio


Financial Technology

Aims to create a global payment interface for consumer-to-business, business-to-business, and peer-to-peer transactions, suitable for stores and businesses worldwide.

fitnest Portfolio


Fitness & Web3

A versatile brand with a focus on becoming a successful fitness entity in the web3/NFT space while bridging web2 brands to web3 through their technology and services.

emirex Portfolio


Financial Services & Commodities

Based in Dubai, the company aims to provide a first-in-class Digital Commodities Exchange, focusing on tokenizing the $20 trillion per year commodities sector, and offers services like Tokenisation Advisory and Technology Platform.

mojis Portfolio


Social Media & Decentralized Branding

Aims to be the first decentralized brand focused on inspiring and entertaining the community, encouraging emotional and creative expression while reviving a childlike sense of wonder.

nfid Portfolio


Web3 & Identity Management

Focuses on offering true digital identity ownership through next-generation NFT and blockchain technology, allowing users self-sovereignty over their digital identity.

harlem Portfolio

Harlem Standard

Distilled Spirits

Inspired by the Harlem renaissance and the Prohibition era, this brand crafts spirits using old techniques for the modern palate and connoisseur, emphasizing smoothness and refinement.

metasport Portfolio

Metasport Arena

Gaming & Blockchain

A Barcelona-based Binance smart chain gaming platform that provides a virtual community within the sports and entertainment ecosystem, allowing users to play, create, own, and govern while earning native SAM tokens.

zappy Portfolio


Mobile App & Data Monetization

A gamified mobile ecosystem targeted at Gen Z, Zappy allows users to monetize their data through watching video content, sharing thoughts, learning about data rights, and engaging in mini-games, aiming to create a transparent, win-win exchange between users and brands.

nft Portfolio

NFT Today Magazine

Media & Journalism

An international media publication that covers the latest news and trends in the NFT, cryptocurrency, and blockchain sectors.

chain Portfolio

ChainTech Labs

Blockchain Technology

Based in Dubai, UAE, ChainTech Labs is a comprehensive blockchain lab that focuses on fractionalized ownership, decentralized power, and wealth distribution, creating Dapps for government and enterprise clients, managing large NFT communities, and pioneering in tokenization and smart contract innovation.

mlp Portfolio

Major League Polo, MLP World Series of Polo

Sports & Entertainment

Established in 2000, the World Series of Polo is a championship event featuring co-ed teams from the U.S. Women’s and Men’s Polo Federations. The league operates in 16 cities and aims to be the first co-ed pro sports league in the U.S., offering license agreements to 16 official All-Star Co-Ed Pro Polo teams.

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NFT & Blockchain Technology

Spearheading strategies to revolutionize the food industry by creating 10,000 unique food NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, aiming for long-term community engagement and market growth.

meta Portfolio

MetaLife Social

Metaverse & Web 3.0

Co-founding a decentralized Web3.0 Metaverse platform that empowers users to socialize, build, work, play, and earn, with a focus on user-owned economies supported by decentralized infrastructure.

cop Portfolio

Copernic Space

Space Economy & Blockchain

Utilizing innovative technologies to scale up the commercialization and financing of the space economy, facilitating the management and monetization of digital space assets through a blockchain-powered marketplace.

ipx Portfolio


Music, Entertainment & Blockchain Technology

Founded to ease creators into the Web3 era by decentralizing intellectual properties, leveraging industry-leading expertise in music, entertainment, and blockchain technology.

bap Portfolio


Metaverse & Crypto Investment

A metavestor club that exclusively invests in crypto-native companies, offering its members ownership in collectively-chosen investments and VIP access to a virtual clubhouse in the metaverse.

fut Portfolio


Cryptocurrency & Blockchain

Aims to establish a more stable and promising virtual coin backed by multiple projects, offering unique features like dividends for coin holders and cross-chain interoperability.

ev Portfolio


Hospitality & Technology

The first tech-automated and crypto-friendly hotel featuring over 20 smart devices per guest room, managed by an all-in-one property management system and contactless operations software.

life Portfolio

Life Cube Inc.

Emergency Shelter & Technology

Specializes in instantly deployable, off-the-grid shelters equipped with power and unique features like hard-surface floors, targeting military, emergency response, and recreational markets globally.

kc Portfolio

KissCam LLC

Entertainment & Sports

An internationally recognized brand that transforms fan engagement at live events through a mobile app, offering arenas new revenue streams and sponsor placements.

cdh Portfolio

Chicago Digital Holdings, Inc.

Financial Technology

A secure and high-performance digital asset exchange platform aiming to establish a transparent and regulated marketplace for multiple digital asset products.

fas Portfolio


Technology & Mobile Apps

A global platform that uses patented technology to recommend meeting locations based on participants’ interests and locations, seamlessly integrating into existing apps for a better user experience.

vc Portfolio

The Stars Foundation

Nonprofit & Global Development

A Nashville-based organization striving to fulfill the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal #2 by eradicating hunger and poverty, while also supporting orphans through annual campaigns and partnerships.

bf Portfolio

Bitfury Surround

Blockchain & Music Industry

A cutting-edge company providing blockchain and AI solutions to improve artist and IP owner economics by enabling secure and efficient copyright asset management in the music and entertainment industry.

pg Portfolio


Entertainment & Synthetic Media

A next-generation synthetic media platform with an iOS app that allows users to swap themselves into their favorite music videos, merging user-generated content with existing media for a personalized entertainment experience.

s Portfolio


Healthcare & Genomics

A trailblazing biobanking and ancestry service focused on democratizing health solutions for underrepresented Latin American populations, enabling access to tailored drug treatments and better health outcomes.

20 Portfolio

20 Worlds

Film & Media

A global event dubbed the “World Cup of Film,” which invites public participation in producing twenty feature films from around the world, aiming to promote cultural diversity and invest in localized creative economies in alignment with UNESCO’s goals.

pony Portfolio

Pony Up!

Online Gaming

An online platform offering classic skill-based games with a unique time-limit feature, known as “shot clocks,” where users can challenge friends to win cash.

ogn Portfolio

One Golden Nugget

Wisdom Sharing / Social Media

A global platform dedicated to collecting and sharing valuable life lessons and wisdom through individual contributions, aiming to create a repository of ‘golden nuggets’ of advice.

cent Portfolio

CENTRED Wellness

Travel Wellness

Founded by nomads, entrepreneurs, and travelers, CENTRED aims to revolutionize travel by offering curated experiences that put health and wellness at the forefront, especially in a post-pandemic world.

max Portfolio


Beauty & Personal Care

Led by a veteran in the beauty industry with a background in science and engineering, MAXIUS Beauty aims to create hair care products and styling tools that reduce styling time while delivering professional-quality results, with a special focus on product development and global brand expansion.

gloss Portfolio


Beauty and Fashion Technology

A global marketplace connecting beauty brands with consumers, offering real-time insights and organic discovery. Partnered with Fashwire for consumer behavior data.

lock Portfolio

LockedBrands, LLC

Smart Storage Solutions

Texas-based company specializing in smart, consumer-friendly lockboxes for secure and practical home storage.

vidar Portfolio

Vidar Licensing

Athletic Footwear Technology

Focuses on patented technology for sport shoes designed to improve lateral footwork across various sports.

proxy Portfolio

Proxy42 Inc.

Augmented Reality Gaming

Building a world-scale AR platform for multiplayer games, merging virtual and real worlds for enhanced user experiences.

kun Portfolio

Box Fighting Championship (Kungarna)


A leading eSports organization known for hosting the Box Fighting Championship, a competitive arena that pits top talent against each other in weekly tournaments.

estv Portfolio


Media & Entertainment

The nation’s first 24/7 live esports channel, offering a broad range of live events, tournaments, and lifestyle content across various platforms.

fana Portfolio

Fanalyze, Inc.

Sports Tech

A fast-growing fantasy sports company that offers a unified platform for tracking and analyzing fantasy teams using specialized algorithms.

boxa Portfolio


Construction Tech

An innovative construction company with a patented system for factory-built rooms, aiming to make building faster, cheaper, and more efficient.

hyp Portfolio

HYPE Sports Innovation

Sports Tech

A global accelerator and incubator platform that nurtures startups in the sports technology and sports betting verticals, aiming to impact lives through the fusion of sports and innovation.

her Portfolio

Heroes AG

Sports & Entertainment Merchandising

A publicly traded company specialized in fan merchandising, offering lifestyle products directly under the names of sports, music, and film stars, and leveraging licensing agreements with organizations like UEFA and the NBA.

som Portfolio

Somnium Space

Virtual Reality

A persistent, social VR platform where users can buy virtual land, build or import objects, and monetize their virtual experiences, providing a limitless, reality-adjacent environment for users and brands alike.

fitm Portfolio


Retail Tech

A tech-driven platform that employs 3D scanning, AI, and machine learning to personalize apparel shopping experiences, aiding both consumers and brands by accurately matching shoppers with products that fit their biometric and style preferences.

invi Portfolio

Invisible Disabilities® Association

Non-Profit Organization Management

IDA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit focused on supporting individuals and communities impacted by invisible illnesses and disabilities.

stark Portfolio

STARK Industries

Technology and Innovation

STARK Industries specializes in technological innovation, with a focus on healthcare and advanced diagnostics.

song Portfolio


Music Technology

SongSecure offers a quick and affordable blockchain-based platform for copyrighting original music.

paw Portfolio

Paw City, LLC (Max & Wrigley)

Children’s Entertainment and Education

Paw City, LLC produces STEM-focused educational and entertaining content for children through various mediums.

igf Portfolio

IGF Partners Realty, LLC

Real Estate Investment

IGF Partners Realty focuses on Triple Net Leased commercial real estate, offering investors dependable monthly income and limited risk with properties leased to creditworthy companies like Verizon and CVS.

ita Portfolio

Integrated Tech Apparel – ROAME

Motorcycle Apparel

ROAME specializes in technologically-advanced motorcycle shoes equipped with wireless turn signals and brake lights, aiming to increase road safety and visibility for riders.

green Portfolio

Greenbox Robotics

Cannabis and CBD Retail Technology

Greenbox Robotics offers interactive touch-screen vending machines for cannabis and CBD products, aiming to simplify and personalize the purchasing experience for both new and returning customers.

maxwell Portfolio

Maxwell Telecare

Telehealth Services for Elderly Care

Maxwell Telecare provides specialized telehealth services to nursing homes, addressing urgent needs for specialty care and aiming to reduce unnecessary hospital transfers.

pure Portfolio

Pure Media Studio

Entertainment and Film Production

Specializes in producing and distributing feature-length documentaries and independent feature films with a unique business model aimed at transparency and accountability for investors

well Portfolio

Wellness Matrix Group Inc

Health and Wellness Technology

A next-generation health and wellness platform providing personalized biometric data analytics and global industry research to improve quality of life and longevity.

xc Portfolio


Blockchain and NFTs

A multi-faceted blockchain platform aimed at revolutionizing fan interaction, sponsorship, and fundraising in various industries such as sports, art, and entertainment by allowing creators to issue standardized NFTs (VirtualStaX) in a secure, decentralized environment.

vr Portfolio


Digital Assets & Talent Monetization

VirtualStaX offers a pioneering exchange where individuals can monetize their talents and grow a dedicated fan base using blockchain-verified digital trading cards, catering to talents ranging from athletes to influencers, all through their platform StaX.app.

game Portfolio

GameCo LLC

Gaming and Gambling

GameCo LLC is a pioneering company that combines video gaming and gambling elements to create the world’s first Video Game Gambling Machines (VGM™).

space Portfolio

SpaceBorn United

Biotechnology and Space Exploration

SpaceBorn United is a bio-tech and mission development company aiming to make human reproduction in space feasible, with the long-term goal of enabling human birth in space by 2028.

sober Portfolio


Health and Wellness

SOBER UP is a health and wellness brand offering detox shots that support liver health and help prevent hangovers, initially launched through an Indiegogo campaign.

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Blockchain Accountant Association

Accounting and Finance

The Blockchain Accountant Association provides a complete ecosystem for professionals in blockchain accounting, offering education, coaching, and certification opportunities in blockchain accounting and crypto taxation.

cirque Portfolio

Le Cirque and Circo Restaurants

Hospitality and Fine Dining

Founded by Sirio Maccioni, Le Cirque and Circo Restaurants are iconic New York establishments that have been industry leaders in fine dining and hospitality since 1974, serving celebrity clientele and being a launching pad for renowned chefs.

qtq80-ph5kKv-1024x683 Portfolio


Beauty and Personal Care

With more than 20 years of experience in the beauty industry, NEON & CO. is focused on becoming a household name in beauty products, leveraging global distribution and strategic capital to aim for a $200 million USD brand valuation in 24 months.

devour Portfolio


Food Technology

Devour offers a web3-enabled restaurant platform that connects fans and brands to restaurants, accepting crypto payments and offering exclusive rewards and experiences through NFTs.

A Portfolio

A+ (Plus) Media, Inc.

Media and Entertainment

Focused on the Chinese market, A+ (Plus) Media, Inc. is a BVI company established by senior American media executives engaged in various ventures including film and television production, AR/VR technology, and mobile internet cloud media project operations.

tvfit Portfolio

The Original Fit Factory Ltd (TV.FIT)

Health & Wellness

TV.FIT offers affordable solutions for mental, physical, and spiritual wellness through online platforms and strategic partnerships.

roni Portfolio


Art & Culture

RONI STRETCH studio collaborates with the eponymous world-renowned artist to promote his works and expand his reach globally.

Signals_Final_Final_Logo-removebg-preview Portfolio


Healthcare & Wellness

Signals Health leverages over four decades of research in Resonant Molecular Signaling (RMS) to create tablets infused with energetic signals, aimed at supporting the body’s natural ability to return to balance and well-being.

life-1 Portfolio


Technology & Hospitality

Lifestylepanel aims to be the first choice in providing digital solutions for guest services in various accommodation settings, extending to hospitals, aged care, and even remote facilities, through its integrated platforms and range of products and services.

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Chloe Rose Swimwear

Fashion & Apparel

Chloe Rose Swimwear is a growing swimwear brand that leverages strong financial and operational strategies to scale, aiming to become one of the market leaders in the swimwear industry.

sono Portfolio


Cryptocurrency & Digital Payments

SonoCoin is a unique cryptocurrency that operates using digitally encrypted audio files and aims to make peer-to-peer value transfer as user-friendly as PayPal.

epic Portfolio

Epic Grindstones

Sports and Footwear

Epic Grindshoes transforms everyday footwear into a versatile tool for grinding, seamlessly integrating with activities like walking, skateboarding, and parkour.

omega Portfolio

Omega Strategic Solutions, LLC

Consulting & Strategic Partnerships

Working alongside Dr. Marc O Griofa, Omega Strategic Solutions offers consulting services and aims to ensure the success of its extensive list of clients and partners through strategic growth.

po Portfolio

Primary Ocean Producers


A company dedicated to sustainable seafood production with an aim to be a major supplier of seafood globally within the next 50 years.

ca Portfolio

Child Angel

Child Safety & Wearable Technology

Based in London, Child Angel is revolutionizing child safety by offering the first Intel-powered smartwatches designed as child location trackers.

nod Portfolio


Internet of Things (IoT)

A global company that provides the world’s largest Wireless Bluetooth Network for IoT, aiming to disrupt traditional supply-chain logistics and smart city infrastructures.

tredic Portfolio

TREDIC Corporation

Real Estate & Infrastructure Development

A U.S.-based company specializing in real estate, infrastructure, and socio-economic development and investment, offering strategic advisory services.

star Portfolio

Star Jets International (OTC: JETR)

Aviation & Charter Services

A global jet charter service company providing clients with flexible options to secure the best aircraft at the best value for various travel needs.

qtq80-ph5kKv-1024x683 Portfolio

Realife Co


Based in Belmar, New Jersey, Realife Co focuses on entering and gaining market share in niche apparel spaces by leveraging unique experiences and resources.

fa Portfolio


Financial Media and Broadcasting

FINTECH.TV is a pioneering global media platform that delivers real-time insights and analyses on finance, blockchain, technology, sustainability, and impact investing from its flagship studios located at the New York Stock Exchange, Abu Dhabi’s ADGM, and other leading financial centers.

hwh Portfolio

HWH – Hardway Holdings (Makers of O-Craps!)

Gaming & Entertainment

A global distributor that links bingo ball lottery style play with interactive versions of traditional casino games, including their unique game, O-Craps!

aug Portfolio

AugThat – Interactive Augmented Learning

Education Technology

AugThat provides an augmented reality-based educational platform that enhances student engagement through 3D models, virtual environments, and interactive lessons, with a presence in 260 schools across 36 states and multiple countries.

feed Portfolio

Feed Your Mind Music

Non-Profit / Music Education

Based in Brooklyn, New York, Feed Your Mind Music offers a no-cost afterschool music program for underserved children and teens, partnering with schools and community organizations to provide professional instruction and creative outlets.

SAM Portfolio

SAM Ultimate Sports

Fantasy Sports & Cryptocurrency

SAM Ultimate Sports revolutionizes the Fantasy Sports landscape by offering digital asset ownership of players, franchises, and draft rights, enabling participants to not only manage but also truly own and trade their assets using a unique cryptocurrency asset-driven platform.

oldnorthstateleague Portfolio


Smart City Solutions / Environmental Technology

With offices in Copenhagen, Denmark, and the U.S., Garbeat aims to offer affordable and easily implementable solutions for improving city infrastructure with a focus on saving time, money, and the environment.

bt Portfolio


Music and Entertainment

BT ENTERTAINMENT is a full-service music and entertainment company that collaborates with various industries and recently signed a joint venture deal with Universal Music Publishing and Grammy-winning producer David Foster.

qtq80-ph5kKv-1024x683 Portfolio

Seequ, Inc.


Seequ, Inc. focuses on creating a tool and platform that aims to bring shareholder value, growth, and sustainability, and is poised to be used by millions globally.

qtq80-ph5kKv-1024x683 Portfolio

Gatsby Entertainment / KOHN

Music and Entertainment

Gatsby Entertainment, featuring the act officially known as KOHN, is an emerging musical group that has gained recognition as one of the top 25 rising stars by Macy’s and iHeart Radio and is preparing for a full-length album release.

qtq80-ph5kKv-1024x683 Portfolio

Salon Professional Services, Inc. (AVEYOU Beauty Boutique)

Beauty and Retail

Salon Professional Services, operating under AVEYOU Beauty Boutique, is a beauty supply company with a wholesale division serving over 5,000 salons, spas, and beauty boutiques throughout New Jersey, focusing on customer service and extensive product testing.

aq Portfolio


Social Media Analytics

A platform that quantifies and ranks your social interactions on Facebook, offering rewards based on your level of activity.

payb Portfolio

paybaQ, Inc.

Financial Technology

A platform designed to document and facilitate personal microloans, while also assigning Generosity and Responsibility ratings to users.

rei Portfolio

Reign Together

CBD and Beauty Industry

With two decades of experience in beauty, Reign Together aims to become a multi-million dollar CBD brand focused on shared self-care experiences for couples, utilizing natural ingredients to enhance time spent together and support healthy skin.

finger Portfolio

FingerMates, Inc.

Beauty and Personal Care

A company specializing in nail care products, exclusively sold through Sally Beauty Co.