Here is where we find out how we can begin to work together.  By strategizing, and game planning, we see how your company, or services, can fit inside our company, or with one of our network partners.

Add Value:

Now that we have scoped out that there are synergies between us, we begin to analyze Win/Win models for both entities.  This is the fun part, and then how to eliminate the risk on both sides and move forward

Ready, Set, Go!

The relationship is set, the plan is in place, now it's time to hit the pavement.  We immediately begin to bring real partners, opportunities, customers, and potential investments.  We aim fill the entire need and be a complete turnkey partner.


Everyone's need... "If we just had more money..."

Within our portfolio of companies and network partners, we have such wonderful access to the capital markets through our banking and institutional banking partners.  We aim to utilize our own strategic partnerships and capital, but depending upon the markets and the cost of money, we look at all options to ensure the most successful and economic path.

Cream of the Crop, maybe...

We are extremely selective, and the entities we launch, or bring in, have to fit inside our ecosystem.  However, because of our core principal that we believe we are put on the earth to help one another; if we cannot find a home inside EIE, then we would be honored to help you find a path to success within our global network of partners.


HYPE Sports Innovation

It is a privilege and honor to be working with HYPE Sports Innovation and receive the esteemed HYPE MENTOR CERTIFICATE to acknowledge our participation on our approach on helping startups not only succeed, but survive no matter what business challenges or the economic environment looks like.

Next Steps...

You never get anywhere in life if you do not go after it, or at least ask.  So here's your chance...