Our Approach

Regardless of what you may have, or may not have, in the bank; we believe everything is about integrity and relationships.  It is that foundation that allows greatness to occur.

We want to do good business with good people, anything else we do not partake in, nor want to dedicate any time or resources to, no matter what the potential reward.  We have been through incredible times, and absolutely horrible times.  The learning experiences have been priceless especially coming back during times when our worlds have been turned upside down.  EIE has learned how to survive through our history and experiences and believe we are well prepared to handle any speed bump, or catastrophic situation, a business or management may have found themselves in.

Our Story

What started 20 years ago packing beauty supplies to professional and retail consumers has grown into a holding company with operations in media, liquor, music, apparel, sea exploration, aviation, space, crypto currency, hemp, oil & gas, mining, tv & film, and technology.  How did this happen...

Meet the Team

You are only as good as your team.  As much as we love working with people, we have been known to be too kind, and too generous, and allowed some wolves into our brick house.  Thankfully we now have the full power of professional services to ensure our personnel, clients, global partners, IP & technologies are always protected.  Goodbye trial & error, hello peace and serenity.

Brian J. Esposito

Founder & CEO

I believe we are put on this planet to help one another, and do great things together.  It does appear that some people did not get that memo.

Brian J. Esposito requested by TREDIC Corporation's Jason Harris to join board.

Signature Bank is a New York-based full-service commercial bank with 31 private client offices and 2 client accommodation offices located throughout New York, Connecticut, and California. Signature Bank's specialty finance subsidiary, Signature Financial LLC, provides equipment finance and leasing.

SPEED MATTERS. AS A LEADING GLOBAL INVESTMENT BANK, we know there is no time to waste when you need capital or support to meet strategic or operational demands. CAMBRIDGE WILKINSON is ready to help with innovative, highly customized solutions for debt and equity capital raises from $25 million to $5 billion, as well as mergers and acquisitions advisory.

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Iron Gate Security

Full Service Private Security

We could tell you more, but then you know, we'd have to k#!! you.


McCarter & English, LLP, is an American full-service law firm headquartered in Newark, New Jersey. Founded in 1845, it is one of the oldest law firms in the United States.

JV Partnership with CBS Viacom China.  This partnership allows for our proprietary technology to lay on-top of wifi stations around the country which would allow for constant connectivity and the delivery of our US content.

At Marcum, our Transaction Services Group professionals recognize that each transaction is unique and the suite of services to be provided can vary from one transaction to the next.

Our mission is to provide productive legal solutions to our clients in both the UAE and international markets. We understand the difference between legal theory and legal reality, and we ensure that any advice we give matches our client’s practical needs. We are completely dedicated to reaching successful resolution for all of our clients.


Omega Strategic Solutions:


We are committed to providing strategic solutions for our customer’s needs in four distinct areas catering to industry both in the United States and around the world. Our team and partners combine to provide the most skilled, comprehensive and innovative solutions to the most complex challenges in engineering, development and training. Our four divisions focus on specific areas while also complementing and leveraging each other to provide the highest level of service and product.

Next Steps...

You never get anywhere in life if you do not go after it, or at least ask.  So here's your chance...